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Gastronomic Adventure in La Dispensa

La Dispensa occupies four of the units on the bustling Santa Creu Street in Dalt Vila, offering a variety of menus and interiors but all sharing the same philosophy of welcoming everyone as part of its extended family and delivering the finest fare and exceeding the expectations of even the most demanding palate.

La Dispensa is much more than a delish meal, a visit to the celebrated eatery in the heart of Dalt Vila is an experience and it begins before you have even set foot in the restaurant itself. The walk up the rampart and into the medieval city that overlooks Ibiza Town is one that engages the imagination. The site of the high, thick walls, the knowledge of the battles that have been fought protecting it and the magnitude of it as you wander into the old town. Cobbled streets and narrow lanes, all with a multitude of stories to tell add to the vibe, filled with tourists, all soaking up the history and imagining a time long since past. The walk up the hill to the restaurant sees you pass boutiques all selling unique mementos of your time on the island as you bask in how alive the area is. It is one of the most exciting things to do at night in Ibiza, outside of its world famous club scene.

La dispensa interview by la skimal
La dispensa interview by la skimal

Once you reach La Dispensa there is a decision to be made and it basically boils down to where you want to be situated, with four locations in close proximity to choose. No matter which you prefer, you can order off all of the menus so you’re never missing out on a favourite dish. The other thing all four locations have in common is the style and elegance, a great deal of thought has clearly gone into each one of them to make sure they were unique but also that they offered a memorable spot for dining. We opted for the terrace each time as we love the al fresco experience and the opportunity to people watch doesn’t get any better than in the heart of Dalt Vila. No matter what your gastronomic preference, La Dispensa has something for everyone – from its delicious pardon peppers to the California rolls from the sushi restaurant; from the signature La Dispensa Raviolli, a centuries old family recipe, to the mouth watering rack of lamb, everything uses the finest ingredients and an extra sprinkling of love, resulting in the perfect dinner every time.

La Dispensa by la Skimal
La Dispensa Sushi by la skimal

For those with an eye for the unusual and a fondness for spending money, La Dispensa also offers an opportunity to indulge in retail therapy, before, during or after your meal, with one of its units offering a range of fantastic goodies as well as an option to have something commissioned. Everything is a one of a kind, meaning you’re not going to bump into anyone else wearing your new favourite top on a night out! Every item has been individually chosen from around the world or created and made in Ibiza by the very talented Ricardo, whose passion it is to fill the shop with clothes, decorative objects, vases, pictures, furniture, jewellery, shoes, bathing suits and more. The attention to detail, the love for what it sells and the desire to make people happy is in keeping with the La Dispensa philosophy and is something that has endeared it to thousands of travellers from all over the world. Why settle for a simple dinner when you can embark on adventure that will stay with you long after you leave the island? Make sure you book in advance, it gets very busy in the height of the summer.

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