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La Dispensa Calls Time On Ibiza 2017

The first offering from the AmarIbiza Group, La Dispensa captured the imagination of tourists and locals alike when it opened three seasons ago and has gone from strength to strength ever since. After its third, and most successful summer, the popular eatery will take a break from October 28, opening again on March 23 2018.

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When you choose La Dispensa for your gastronomic adventure, you have four choices, the eatery is spread across four unique spaces in the heart of Dalt Vila. Each of the spaces has its own, stylish identity as well as menu – incorporating Spanish and Japanese cuisines – and all maintain the AmarIbiza Group philosophy. The beauty is you can, and we have, return on several occasions and never have the same experience. The one constant that does run through all is the quality of the food, the imaginative menu and the creativity of the magicians in the kitchen. You can also order from each menu, no matter which venue you choose.

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It has been a busy summer for the team at AmarIbiza Group; maintaining one restaurant that has managed to capture the attention can be demanding, adding a second gastronomic proposal offers a challenge but unleashing three brand new food concepts while building on the reputation of the existing one is almost impossible. As the season draws to a close, each of the new eateries has enjoyed a successful summer, and La Dispensa can look back on its best summer yet! While some of the new eateries will remain open, it’s time for La Dispensa to take its leave and Saturday October 28 is the final night. If you haven’t had the pleasure before, this is a must-visit. It makes for the perfect night out, stroll around the Dalt Vila and work up an appetite before dinner but make sure you book in advance, it’s no longer the best kept secret! La Dispensa will return March 23 with a new gastronomic proposal that values tradition but is not afraid to adopt some modern touches.

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Source: Essential Ibiza
Photos: Tamara Sini